Bilal Is free!!

Yah. Finally he is free I am so happy, Yesterday, night I’ve got great news. Bilal my best friend he is finally free. He got released from the Israelis prison. Which means that he is able to continue this semester at the university. Yes I am happy for him Bilal he arrested 3 weeks ago by Israeli army the attacked his home at 2 am, they exploded his home door, it was really difficult night to him & to his family & to all the neighborhood.

At 1 am a force from the Israeli army attacked Nablus & they went to Bilal’s neighborhood, they started attacking homes of civilians home by home even the knew where Bilal’s home is. That happens always. Maybe as Palestinians we got used of this.

It was a fight between Bilal’s mother & the commander of this force simply she won’t allow them to arrest Bilal easily, maybe she was wrong but she is mother she can’t let them take him easily. At least she wanted Bilal to wear his jacket because it was really very cold night. Finally Bilal went with them wearing his jacket, yes she succeeded.

The Israeli force took Bilal to Hawwarah. Camp (it is an Israeli military area) after few hours they moved him to BitahTiqva prison, (it’s an intelligence prison). Bilal stayed their 3 weeks in horrible situation and shameful circumstances. Because of what?  Because Bilal’s believes, because of nothing. But it seems that the Palestinians destiny.

Bilal is not the first one that happened to him, many of the Palestinians had the same experience. Had the same times in being imprisonment without reason. Many of this Palestinians lost this jobs & lost many semesters. Bilal is lucky this time because he can complete his semester which mean he will not lose anther semester, because he already has lost one semester cause of an ex-arrest by PA. anyway Bilal is free now & I am happy for him & for his family too.



Out The Borders Of Mercy

If you please, I want to take today to place stay out the border of the humanism. Really I don’t want to scare you, but I believe that I have to carry the message of my friends in the PA jails.
Finally; they bring to me a new mate after 40 days in isolation. I felt that the Gad sent a gift for me. Finally I have a mate. But who is my new mate?! He seems pale & weak, he almost couldn’t see through the window (a very small gap in the wall, you can just see through). He started looking at the dirty & primitive lavatory; ‘Oh thanks God’ he said, ‘it’s the first time in 108 days that I can use the lavatory without the need for permission from the soldiers & it’s the first time I have a mate in 108 days !!’ he said. 

It's just a little example from cell 111


So Mr. “Kh ” (I prefer to hide his name to protect our friend), what happened with you? 

”Oh yes, after the PA arrested me they tortured me for 15 days without sleep.”(You can imagine that time, really a long time) “Then the head of investigation let me have a cell (it’s a basic right for every prisoner that he has a cell; simply for having food or for praying and also for sleeping.” “But what, you didn’t have a cell??” I asked and he answered me “no cell, no – little time for rest!” 
I want KH to tell you his terrible story of cell 111…
…I am in heaven now, I will have a cell!! A five star cell (as the head of investigation said). But my new cell is without light, without a lavatory, without a bed, even without a window!! It will be terrible especially for someone whose sight is so weak & hadn’t any sleep for 15 days (simply he wants to sleep, but there was nothing to have a little rest). I will remind you we are now in the middle of January, so don’t forget that the weather is too cold. (You can try to lay yourself on the ground for 2 minutes in January of course to see). 
But anyway I am away from the torture, thanks for Allah. But even then I wasn’t. Being in my five star cell listening all the time to the voices of the tortured people. (Sometimes hearing the tortured people is more difficult than to be tortured personally). 

In my first few days , I started to ask myself when will they replace my cell ( everyone wants to see what the soldiers will bring for him to eat . but don’t forget ; we are in five star cell ) I expected that maybe it would be after one week , or at most two weeks!! But nothing like that happened. Day by day I started losing the feeling of anything in my first week. The feeling of being without hope is really terrible, you can’t know the time, so don’t ask if you are in the middle of the night or in the middle of the day. Don’t try to count the days; you are forgotten!! . Even thinking of your kids was so terrible!! . 
I felt that I wanted to read some pages of Al Quran. (I want to mention that the reading of Al Quran can give the prisoner excellent power & good patience). But how can I do that in the middle of a dark hill, even that was difficult & don’t ask about my emotions!! The situation was so difficult; sometimes you must struggle to have your breath. How can I control myself to stop thinking about the tortured people? Even simply how can I know the food that the soldier bring to me in my meals (really you will feel yourself blind, you have eyes but they want to be blind)! 
Oh I forgot the use of lavatory!! Every time if I wanted to use the lavatory I had to knock the door (“please I want to use the lavatory”) every time – morning, noon or night. The mood of the soldiers scared me, if the soldier was in a good mood he would be humble to me to have that fucking right, or if he was out-of-sorts he would ill-treat me. But don’t wait for the soldier to answer you if there is a football match on the TV or any other program that he interested in. 
The days are passing & nothing has changed…10 days, 15 days, 20 days…. i felt so frustrated . No one talked with me except the tortured people .One day I wanted to try something new. I wanted to talk with my fingers!! But where they are?? I tried to move my hand in front of my face, but there’s nothing that I can see. Hello, where are you my fingers?? They couldn’t talk & I couldn’t see them. So I have to skip this idea!!
Now I am on the 40th day & I lose every thing … anyway I still hope that the day for changing the cell will be soon. I don’t want the freedom now, I just need little bit light, and my biggest dream is to have some light…..

I want to mention that KH stayed in that cell for 48 days. After that the PA tortured him again for two week. And after that they put him in a new cell lonely for many more days. He is still in the jail after 14 months without the courts. But he knows well that the day of freedom definitely will come, me & every one hope that it will be soon.

Mohammad Rdad


Mohmmad Rdad

Mohammad Rdad

Today I want to tell you about one of my friends, a best friend, unfortunately he is under the soil now. He was killed in Annajah National University (old campus) in Nablus; he was killed in front of many students & the murderer is still free. Who is the murderer?! Of this tragedy for me & for everyone who loves Rdad, I haven’t the right to judge, but I show my emotion.

Radad reading Al Quran

Rdad reading Al Quran in his nice voice

Mohammd Rdad was from Sydah, a village near Tulkarim. He was a student in Annajah National University and he was about to graduate. He was also engaged. He had a very beautiful voice, in reading Al Quran or in singing. Everyone loved him; mates, teachers, even those who had opposite opinions than him. 

village Sydah near Tulkarem

Sydah village near Tulkarim


On the 24th of July 2007 the Israel’s military army arrested three students from Annajah University. One of them was the head of student parliament; the second was a member of student council & the last one was a member of the student parliament. Simply, in the next day their mates wanted to write a statement to deplore Israel’s arrest of their leaders: simply everyone has that right in the University’s laws. 

After they started to distribute their statement, the PA (Palestinian Authority) members attacked the university campus (old campus): they attacked every man who had a beard, every girl wearing a head scarf. 

The head of the university didn’t do anything, the university security also stood & watched. Despite what happened the university students insisted on deploring Israel’s arrests.

 The PA members started arresting every student who had the statement or who had a beard & Rdad, he had a nice beard. Simply, one of the PA members wanted to arrest Rdad, but Rdad refused that order …. the PA member took his gun & aimed it towards Rdad’s head. Also Rdad refused the order: simply, what had Rdad done?! Just because he had a beard, or because he deplored Israel’s arrests to his mates?

Rdad after his injury

Rdad after his injury

The final part of the story: in the end the PA member shot Radad from zero distance straight towards Radad’s head …!!!!! Radad fell on the ground lying in his own blood. Then he was transferred to the hospital: he stayed there three days in the hight medical room before he was gone.

 Even now, the police report hasn’t appeared. The Palestinian Authority tried to hide the truth by inventing some false story, but it will never convince me or anyone who was in the old campus that day. Even the PA knows well that they will not convince anyone.


Rdad after he gone

Rdad after he gone

I think maybe the truth is hidden now, but the day of truth will come definitely & I hope that will be soon.

Why BravePal’s ?! ……… Brave Palestine to My Brave People


There are many stories. Many stories. Of my brave people in the camps – inside and outside of Palestine and in the prisons. Of my people under the soil. My people who struggle to live, my people who are tortured again & again, my people who are fighting to have our rights in the water & the land. My people who are conquered every day. My people who feel pride in our resistance, my people’s children who have lost their fathers (maybe all of their family ). My people in Gaza who struggle for their right to see the light, my people in Gaza when all the world disappointed them, my people who are looking forward to freedom. My people who are now really suffering from the PA (Palestinian Authority), many of them tortured in the Palestinian jails. My people who are seeking peace & my people who are really brave…MY PEOPLE WHO REALLY I FEEL PROUD OF, BECAUSE I BELONG TO …………. 

Here I’ll try to show you something of my Palestinian people. The Palestinian People who are occupied by Israel’s government, whose land is almost gone because of the settlements & the Israeli military machine. A lot of their drinking water has been stolen by the occupying government, many of their olive trees have been killed, many of their men are in the jails because they do not want their sons to grow up under the occupation. Palestinian people who presented (and continue to present) many martyrs for freedom. 

…… I will thank my friend who helped me to post my blog & is helping me to correct my articles…. & i’ll thank my friend Katie – she really innovated me … so thanks for all.